Kid-Friendly Haunted House

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A lot of what is scary for us is the fear of the unknown. Not knowing what could happen or worse yet, the fear of missing out on something. This is the perfect reason that a Kid-friendly Haunted House is needed in Austin Texas. Dead 13 Haunted House will soon to be known as the Best Haunted house in Austin for the fact that it is bringing families closer together. A family that screams together stays together.

Dead 13 Haunted House is located in the spooky woods of the World Famous Texas Music Ranch in Austin Texas. The Music Capital of the world. This wonderful tree covered outdoor venue produces music events year round. Now with the combined efforts of our Monster-Mind master creature creator, we are able to provide Austin a terrifying time for teens and adults, and an education fun Halloween and dress=up experience for the little ones.

Dead13 is also involved in giving back into the industry by holding workshop classes for the ghoul masters to tone their make-up skills. Prosthetic parts, Latex Masks, 3-D printing, and animations.

Those meddling kids are back

Halloween is our favorite time of the year and with the children’s matinee. Dead 13 is able to provide a safe environment that is encouraging the parents to join in with the kids on a Halloween festival to show how dressing up and masks aren’t as scary when you are the one wearing them. Face painting, pumpkin carving and other arts & Crafts and performers available.

For the little hellions in your life that you feel need a good scare. Take a stroll down into house of ole’ pig face and let see how long it takes before they are begging for Mommy… and a new pair of pants. We mild down the gore and jump scares not to give TOO many nightmares, but hopefully just as exciting for the parents to feel included in the fun. We are all family here. Adult admission included with Child admission.