The season is nigh

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Can you sense it? The weather is starting to get cooler. The rain is coming in from the south, giving off that damp feeling of fall. I can almost taste the earthy smell of dead things in the air, that sparks that feeling of joy when autumn is approaching. FOr so many creatures it’s their favorite time of the year. Basic bitches get their pumpkin spice everything including beer(eh HoT?). The children are starting to get into the routine of their new school schedule. All the changes to the trees displaying gorgeous colors, and also being thankful for leaf blowers. It has a calming since of adapting to what you have comfortably and putting your struggles of the year to rest.

While everyone is getting ready for Halloween. All the Spooky type folks get to go Home decor shopping when the Spirit of Halloween takes over the local Vacated ex-department stores. The attention-starved girls with friendly vaginas get to play dress up. All of the creative Halloween costumes that make for great photographic memories of all the Halloweens past. All the great parties I’ve attended, the best have been Halloween parties. It’s fun, more relaxed, and hell-bent on having a good time partying with the dead.

This year feels like everyone has been waiting on it. We’ve missed the cooler weather, wearing hoodies, gathering around a fire at night, and not sweating to death in +100°F heat during the day makes the 90°F nights seem welcoming. Scary movie Marathons with Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder this fall to look forward to. Horror and Halloween have always gone great together. While any time is a great time for Horror. Everyone expects and seeks out to get the creeps. That thrill of the senses that makes you remind yourself you are still alive. That fight or flight response that gets your heart going and forces the screams out of throats.